Hello everyone,

we send you the summary of the management plan that our Agriturismo  has adopted to eliminate the risk of contagion from Covid 19. This allows us to adapt to compliance with the new emergency.


The premise is that our Agriturismo  has a great advantage, compared to other hotels, being inserted in a private area of ​​over 150,000.00 m2 of green, as well as having apartments with independent entrances without sharing anything with other apartments.

We have no internal common areas except for the reception, the breakfast room and the gym.

We have no contact with external operators, everything is managed by me personally, Daniele.


The OMS guide lines provide that those who carry out public activities must necessarily operate with disposable gloves and a protective face mask. In addition of course to personal hygiene.

These guidelines will therefore be respected by me inside the reception and inside the other common areas. There will be no other operators.


The guidelines I foresee besides has a method for cleaning the apartments also the presence of dispensers for disinfection before the common areas.

You will therefore find dispensers at the entrance of the Reception – Breakfast room – Gym and also at the entrance of the swimming pool.


But this is what is foreseen by the OMS

We have done much more:

– for each apartment and for each check out we will use ozone generators for disinfection.

– in each common area there will be a fixed ozone generator, which will be used daily.

These professional line generators are used and programmed by me.

Ozone is the second most powerful disinfectant in the world. Its use is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health. But also from all other European states.

Its correct use is able to eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds and eliminates odors. in every corner and also inside the fabrics etc. (it is an O3 gas. A good functioning foresees a cycle of 80 minutes. Therefore the times for the check in could be delayed of maximum 80 minutes. The check in could be available only from 3 pm, but only in rare cases.


We cannot go further, but we guarantee unprecedented hygiene. Disinfection will be daily, even on the outdoor areas, bbq, tables, sunbeds and swimming pool floor. But as we all know, the sun’s UV rays already give excellent results.

We have also expanded the irrigation system. Since 2020 we have covered 5000mt2 of lawn. operating 7 days a week at night.

Other 2020 improvements:

We doubled the shade area in the swimming pool solarium.

We have created a gazebo with a 24 hour self service coffee, juice and water dispenser

obviously with disposable accessories and dispenser for disinfectant.

We have activated the Self Check in, the tourist tax is zeroed for everyone. However, the reception remains open.

We have prepared an information for all customers, where we inform you about the behaviors to be followed. (the rule is only one, in the apartment the risks are zero. In the common areas the rule will be to keep the distance of at least 1 mt and use the hand sanitizer before entering the common areas).




The new covid 19 infections are expected to be zero from 24.4.2020 in Lombardy.

In Italy, the emergency measures will be valid until May 3, an important measure that will allow us to restart quickly or with a very low risk of new infections.

In all public places, operators will have a mask and gloves.

For you guests, instead, only distancing measures will be provided.

Where you will have to use the mask.

It will be mandatory for everyone to use the mask and disposable gloves in supermarkets, so for you too!

In the restaurants and bars you will have spaced tables and in any case you will always be outdoors .. Obviously without masks.


Why take a holiday on Lake Garda in 2020.


From June including Covid’s chances of getting infected will be close to zero. All over Lake Garda the virus has never been a health problem.

The presence of tourists on the lake will be very limited, also in  Gardahill.

this will allow you to have more services and move on the lake without queuing.

In  GardaHill everything will be cleaned daily and the large spaces will give you the freedom you always have.

The Covid 19 will also be present in the coming years, but in the coming years there will be a recovery in tourism and therefore there will also be more risks.


In conclusion, if you want to take advantage of a unique and risk-free holiday, 2020 is probably the ideal year.


Make a choice by reading well what is written, these are the most difficult days but if you look at the next weeks / months, a holiday will no longer be a problem but an opportunity.


Thanks and I hope to see you soon

Daniele Manestrini.

Sorry for the translation .